Giving Days and Native Nonprofit Giving Movements

08/22/2023 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET


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Join us to learn more about the power and opportunities of Native-led Giving Days, and to share your experiences with and perspectives on Giving Days.

Giving Days are fundraising events that bring people together to support a specific community or cause. There are giving days focused on supporting Black and Latinx communities, refugees and veterans, the environment and education, and more. Inspired by many of these communities, Native Ways Federation launched two giving days in 2022 to unite and support Native-led Nonprofits: Native Nonprofit Day and GiveNative on Giving Tuesday.

Our goal for Native Nonprofit Day and Give Native is to raise awareness of the lack of giving to Native led organizations, to encourage increased giving, and to shine a spotlight on the diversity of Native Nonprofits by uniting and elevating the voices of Native-led nonprofits. Using resources and learnings generously shared by other campaigns and giving days, Native Ways Federation shares resources and recommendations with Native-led Nonprofits to mobilize support for their cause.

But we want to know what works for our community of Native-led Nonprofits, large, small and everywhere in between. What would be more helpful moving forward? Why do Native nonprofits engage (or not engage) with Giving Days? There will be ways to contribute your voice and perspective through discussion and interactive slides.